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  • What types of interior design projects do you take on?
    Just about everything you can imagine. If you're not sure we would take on your project, send us a message and ask!
  • Why do you only offer Vancouver pickup on Showroom Sale furniture?
    If you are located anywhere else in Canada, we are more than happy to help you arrange a carrier or mover to pick up the furniture from us and deliver it to you. However, many people prefer to save on shipping by having it picked up themselves. Please reach out to us at if you have a specific shipping situation you would like to inquire about.
  • Does that come in a different colour?
    Most furniture in our online shop can be available to order in a variety of colour and upholstery options. If you don't like the colours you see in our store, email us at, let us know what piece you're looking at and we can send you a PDF with all the available made-to-order colour and/or upholstery options.
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